Past Projects

Aerospace Parkway Sewer Extension

Many people have probably heard that Pima County invested about $20,000,000.00 to build a facility for World View, a company which launches “Space Bubbles” over 19 miles high into Earth’s stratosphere. As part of the job, new sewer, water, and dry utilities needed to be installed a little over three quarters of a mile along the... Read more »

Palominas Recharge and Flood Control Project

The goal of this award winning project was to build a storm water drainage system that would slow down and re-direct rainwater from the summer monsoons back to the San Pedro River and back into the ground to the aquifers. The basin and channels are designed to encourage the rainwater to infiltrate the ground and enter underground... Read more »

Boys and Girls Club

KE&G was approached by the Boys and Girls Club located in Bisbee, Arizona to construct a new fenced-in soccer field and outdoor concrete basketball court. Once the cost budget and design was created it was presented to the Legacy Foundation for a grant which was later approved.  The project consisted of removing approximately 1,400 square yards... Read more »

Benson-Stein Pass Highway (Texas Canyon Rest Area)

This project is located in Cochise County along Interstate 10 at milepost 320, approximately 15 miles east of the City of Benson. The work included upgrading equipment in the restrooms, pump house, ramadas, and well site, in addition to sewer system rehabilitation. Construction included installing six new evaporation pond liners, waterline distribution replacement, micro surfacing... Read more »

ADOT SR-80 Tombstone

  Arizona Department of Transportation began a long awaited project to improve pedestrian safety and the appearance of State Route 80 where it passes through historic Tombstone. The overall project included road improvements, and repairing damaged sections of historic buildings along Freemont Street. Freemont Street is located in the town’s historic district that comes with... Read more »

Pantano Riverpath 5th Street to Speedway Boulevard

This project ran parallel to the Pantano Wash between the 5th St. Wash and Speedway Blvd. in Tucson.  The project consisted of a 95-foot span prefabricated steel pedestrian bridge, as well as 1,250 feet of asphalt path, decomposed granite paths, a ramada shade shelter, various landscape features, and project artwork.

Harrison Greenway Multi-Use Pathway

This project consists of improvements for a new 3.2 mile long, 12-foot-wide asphalt multi-use pathway. The pathway starting on the South side of Irvington at an existing crosswalk will continue South across Valencia and link up with Mesquite Elementary School. It is a fast paced project, with limited public impact, and promises to bring a safer... Read more »

Avenida Escuela Widening

Awarded by the City of Sierra Vista, this project included widening Avenida Escuela from two lanes to four lanes between Camino del Norte and SR-90. Construction included earthwork, installing culvert extensions, scuppers, 3,200 LF of curb and gutter, concrete driveways, 500 LF retaining wall, a bike path and paving 8,000 SY of asphalt.

Myer School Track

This project consisted of the removal and replacement of a running track. Construction included milling, curb removal, earthwork, installation of 3,000 LF of curb, and 2,500 SY asphalt paving.