Hydrant Replacement Project

This contract involved the replacement of 29 hydrants throughout the City of Tombstone. We faced several challenges with this project, including working with various types of pipe and removing hydrants dated as far back as 1942.  

ADOT SR-90 (SR-92 to Giulio Cesare Avenue)

Awarded in September 2014 by the City of Sierra Vista, this project runs along SR-90 and begins near the SR 92 intersection, extending east to Guilio Cesare Road. KE&G Construction will be installing roadway lighting, a HAWK crossing signal, and a shared use pathway located on the south side of the roadway. This project was designed to provide... Read more »


KE&G was awarded a City of Bisbee project in Tin Town. This project includes removing the existing failed septic and cesspool systems and tying the existing resident’s services into the city’s sewer system. This $1,345,028.50 project started June 30, 2014 and is expected to be completed in April of 2015 with Rick McMahon as the... Read more »


This ADOT project began in July 2014. The project is located in Santa Cruz County along State Route 83. It begins at mile post 11.9 and extends to mile post 14. The $1.8 million project consists of removing two miles of decrepit asphalt, and placing aggregate base and asphaltic concrete as well as drainage swale... Read more »


City of Sierra Vista awarded KE&G with the Environmental Operations Park (EOP) Compost Facility project in the summer of 2012. Despite the fact that KE&G was the lowest bidder, COSV did not have the total bid price in their budget. Due to our good working relationship and reputation with the City, they decided to work... Read more »

Coronado Widening

In May of 2013, the City of Sierra Vista awarded KE&G the project known as Coronado Widening. The project runs along Coronado Drive from Carmelita to the Highway 90 By-Pass which travels in front of the City of Sierra Vista, City Hall and Police Station. Project Manager, Larry Saunders spearheaded this project along with Superintendent, Brett... Read more »


KE&G is honored to have been part of the construction of the first net zero school in the state of Arizona and the 12th in the nation. The building encompasses 88,693 square feet and provides schooling for approximately 350 students in grades six through eight. The new school, is located on the US Army’s intelligence... Read more »

Fort Huachuca Housing Demolition

KE&G is gearing up to start the last phase of the Fort Huachuca Housing Demolition. We are expecting to demo roughly 80 existing homes. The asbestos abatement will be starting in early January with the demo of the homes starting several weeks later with final completion estimated to be March 31, 2014.