As an ESOP company, we have a unique opportunity to fulfill our dual missions of providing support to both our clients and our fellow employee-owners. We will achieve this by building a foundation for generational company growth and development characterized by open, thoughtful communication based upon the following:

  • Support of our clients with solutions, ideas and concepts, even when they are not solicited.
  • Identify risks and provide optimum solutions to our clients’ problems; deliver quality, value-oriented projects on time, within budget and safely under all project delivery methods.
  • Become the preferred employer of construction craftsmen and professionals.
  • Instill the Plan- Do- Check- Act performance process and evaluation model within our team and provide support to our craftsmen.
  • Identify emerging opportunities and manage growth in an orderly fashion in parallel with the development of our personnel. To support our employees through a combination of education, training and on the job development to assist them in the realization of their potential.
  • Create an environment that is supportive of our employees, their families and the communities in which we live.
  • Represent our fellow employee owners in professional, industrial, and charitable organizations.
  • Become a construction firm that is well respected for our leadership in safety, quality, productivity and project delivery.
  • Consistently challenge ourselves on a daily basis to grow our competency and increase out efficiency.